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Shanna's Infusion of Beauty

Mobile & Home based Beauty Therapist

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To book an appointment

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Pregnancy Massage 

This will be suitable for pregnant ladies who have past the first trimester. Massage can be beneficial for Pregnancy as it can help with:

  • Reducing oedema: swelling in hands & ankles
  • Reducing sciatic pain
  • Reducing muscular pain & Relieves areas of tension i.e. back pain
  • Aids relaxation- reducing anxiety, depression & improving sleep

Available as a Full Body Massage: 60 minutes

or Back Massage: 25 minutes 


Using a Neal Yard Remedies massage oil

Full Body: 60 minutes

Back & Shoulder: 20 minutes

Back, Neck & Shoulder: 25 minutes

De-Stress Massage

Using a pre blended oil this relaxing massage works on the back, neck, shoulders and backs of legs easing muscle tension and improving circulation.

40 minutes 

Indian Head Massage

This relaxing massage works on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp.

40 minutes 

Hot Stone Back Massage

This is a very therapeutic and relaxing therapy involving the use of heated volcanic basalt stones. The stones are used to massage your body which will gently penetrate the muscles to relieve tension in the tissues.

Please note this treatment can only be done in The Beauty Cabin.

30 minutes


Reflexology is used to encourage the body to work more efficiently, loosening the structure of the body and helping to unblock your vital energy or chi. Through specific reflexes/points mapped out on your feet I will work using some pressure and massage. Reflexology is often deeply relaxing and can leave you with a sense of well-being. The treatment uses an organic lavender & chamomile massage balm.

45 minutes

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Shanna's Infusion of Beauty‚Äč


Dursley, Gloucestershire